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Ayaresa Fie | Health Clinic/Wellness Center | Dutch Komenda, Ghana

On March 11, 2012 Sabayet celebrated the groundbreaking of the Ayaresa Fie Health Clinic & Wellness Center. The Clinic & Wellness center will provide urgent care service, Traditional medical procedures (Ethnomedicine), labor/ delivery and overall wellness for the residents of  Dutch Komenda. The clinic  is privately owned, ecofriendly,  and financed 100% by Sabayet and our supporters.



Herrett C. Parker/Goodwin Community Education Center | Dutch Komenda, Ghana
Exactly one year later on March 10, 2013, in the presence of  our distingued chiefs, residences of surrounding villages and members of the repatriated diasapora family living in the Cape Coast area, consecrated the land for future construction of the Herrett C. Parker/Goodwin Community Education Center in Dutch Komenda.
Sabayet Youth | Wisdom Teaching


Sabayet Youth is comprised of youth from the villages of Anwona, Nsadwir, Ewegyan and Kanka. Meeting every 1st Saturday of the month, Sabayet Youth participated in Panafest discussions with other Africans of the Diaspora, received stress management training and unity workshops. In 2014 we began teaching entrepreneurship, financing education and actively involved with other youth movements and organizations with shared goal.


Sabayet Youth


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